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2020 TIGCR International Conference on “Political Polarization: Perspectives of Governance and Communication”

Call for Papers


Main Theme: Political Polarization: Perspectives of Governance and Communication


About the Conference

The Taiwan Institute for Governance and Communication Research (TIGCR) will hold an international conference on “Political Polarization: Perspective of Governance and Communication” on 30 October 2020 at the National Chengchi University.

On the basis of the discussion in the 2019 TIGCR International Conference last year, this conference keeps focusing on the phenomenon of political polarization and its core concepts: democratic governance, social media usage, and political communication.

For the 2020 TIGCR International Conference, scholars are invited to analyze the causes, distribution, and impacts of political polarization related to algorithm, fake news, political participation, issue position, and ideology, etc., by using survey data, big data, content analysis, and comparative studies. We aim to prevent and alleviate polarization of opinion to create a sustainable and harmonious society.


Topics of interest include, but are not limited to the following:

1.          Political Polarization: public opinion survey, technological impacts on political attitudes and behaviors, causes, effects, and related discussions of political polarization, etc.

2.          Democratic Governance: political attitudes of government bureaucrats and citizens, polarization perception and democratic governance, and bureaucratic responsiveness, etc.

3.          Political Communication: news media and political communication, governance and communication interaction, political polarization and social media usage, fake news, echo chamber effect, and algorithm, etc.


Important Dates

1.          Abstract Submission Deadline: 16 March 2020

2.          Acceptance Notification: 6 April 2020 

3.          Full paper submission deadline: 30 September 2020


Abstract Submission Guidelines

1.          300-word abstracts must be written in MS Word format and must include: title, authors, and affiliations. Abstracts must be submitted not later than March 16, 2020.

2.          TIGCR welcomes the submission of original works. To submit your abstract, send your paper to

3.          All submissions must be in English, and accepted papers will be presented as oral presentations in English.



國立政治大學台灣政經傳播研究中心,將於今年1030日舉行國際學術研討會──2020 TIGCR International Conference on “Political Polarization: Perspective of Governance and Communication” 





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