• Title:Summer Research Summit_ Frontiers of Migration Research_ The Chinese University of Hong Kong
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Summer Research Summit
Frontiers of Migration Research
Dates: 16-22 July 2017
Location: The Chinese University of Hong Kong

There has been a rapid increase in global migration. It has become a major issue confronting many countries. At the same time, migration patterns have become more complex. In addition to the conventional pattern of migration, in which the entire family moves to a new country and settles there, today’s migrants are following a variety of migration patterns. Some are transnational migrants who maintain close ties with family back home even though they have been living in the new country for a long time. Others follow the stepwise migration pattern, by which individuals gradually move to their final destination in small steps. There are migrant workers who move to another country in search of job opportunities and settle there to work. There are also highly skilled and educated migrants who are targeted for recruitment for high salaries in a new country. The increasing diversity of these migrants inevitably leads to a variety of adaptation processes. Furthermore, religion and gender have become increasingly significant in the decision to migrate and the migrant adaptation process. Therefore, we need a comprehensive and updated understanding of the migration decision-making and migrant adaptation processes to sort out the many complex factors shaping today’s migration patterns. The Summer Summit will invite leading scholars in migration studies to discuss the frontiers of migration research. We hope to generate and foster collaborative research with participants to further extend the boundaries of migration research in Asia. 

For detailed activities, please click here

Application (Deadline: 3 June 2017)

Advanced PhD students and early career researchers from around the world are welcome to apply (30 spaces available)

Application materials include:

  1. Completed online application form
  2. Curriculum Vitae (to be uploaded via online application)
  3. Long abstract (about 6 pages, double spaced)of the research paper to be discussed in the Summer Research Summit (to be uploaded via online application). Note: Participants will present their papers in the afternoon publication workshop. Full papers should be submitted on or before 2 July 2017.

Note: Admission decisions will be announced in June.

Online Application, click here

Registration is free. For admitted participants from outside Hong Kong, on-campus accommodation in University Guest House(in twin rooms) and a limited amount of travel subsidies will be provided. 

Participants will receive a certificate for completing all lectures and workshops.

For enquiries, please send email to rcmm@cuhk.edu.hk

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